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March Book Madness!

Pick up a brochure and on each dotted line, write down which book you think will win in each match-up. Return your bracket to Whitehall Public Library by March 15, 2020 for the chance to win a prize! The winner will be announced on April 6.

Perseverance: A Personal Journey from Auschwitz to Pittsburgh

Tuesday April 14 @ 1:30 pm – Join us for an intimate book talk about character and triumph in the face of murderous adversity.  We welcome author Lee Kikel to speak about her father’s miraculous journey from concentration camp prisoner to Pittsburgh family man.

In the decade before his arrival in the United States in 1950, Mieczyslaw Goldman saw his home destroyed, his family torn apart, his health ruined, and nearly everyone he had ever known murdered in the death camps of the Third Reich.  His survival of the years in the ghetto and Auschwitz, his long and slow recovery, and his attainment of a somewhat normal life are miraculous.  Perhaps even more miraculous is his refusal to let his experience destroy his faith in God or his love for humanity.

Told in his own words from audio recordings he made decades later, and supplemented with his daughter’s memories of their happy life in Pittsburgh, Perseverance is a story which no reader will ever forget. 

**Special refreshments will be served and copies of the book will be available for purchase following the talk.**

FREE – Register Today!

Chair Yoga with Cathy Tuttle

Mondays (1st and 3rd) @ 9:30 am – Registration on April 20. This class offers yoga postures and gentle breathwork with a special focus on increased flexibility, strength, balance, and guided relaxation.  Everyone should experience a felt sense of joy in their day, so make the journey with us to a better, stronger, more flexible you! Cathy’s website.

Suggested donation of $2.00 – $5.00. Register Today!

Down to Earth Speaker Series: Fresh Looks at Our Environment

Wednesdays @7:00 PM – Join the library and the Whitehall Committee for Environmental Action for a special speaker series designed to address ways we can better understand, appreciate, and work with our larger environment.

This partnership will spotlight how modern challenges can affect everything from the smallest of household “pests” to the grandest of Pennsylvania oaks – and provide us with green strategies to make a difference!

April 22nd: Tips and Tactics for Peaceful Coexistence with Household “Pests” with Dr. Ryan Gott of Phipps Conservatory. FREE – Register Today!

May 27th: Birds and Climate Change: Survival by Degrees with Gabi Hughes of the Audubon Society. FREE – Register Today!

June 24th: Let’s Talk About the Woods with John Liebenguth, PA Forest Steward. FREE – Register Today!

September 16th: TBD

The Gilded Age: A Culture Series with the Frick Pittsburgh

Join the library and The Frick Pittsburgh for a series of Tuesday lectures about life and how our forebears made the most of it!  Each program utilizes vintage pictures and touchable artifacts sure to leave a lasting impression!

Land of Abundance: Pittsburgh and the American Garden

May 12th at 7:00 PM – Through this colorful presentation, learn about the history of gardening in America and in the region.  From early explorers to our presidents to Pittsburghers like the Frick family, discover how, through our love of gardens, we quite literally have cultivated the American dream. FREE – Register Today!

Staying Well in the Gilded Age

June 9th at 2:00 PM If you got sick, accidentally injured yourself, or just plain didn’t feel well in the 19th century, your health care options were limited. Your options were, nevertheless, interesting.  From folk remedies to controversial treatments, learn the many ways our ancestors sought to cure what ailed them. FREE – Register Today!

And look for our future talks…

A Well-Appointed Table: Dining at the Turn of the Century

November 10th at 7:00 PM – It has been said that dining is the privilege of civilization.  A person’s standing in turn-of-the-century society could be measured by the way they took their meals.  This presentation takes a look at the ritual act of eating across cultures while paying special focus to America’s Gilded Age—a time when dining reached a pinnacle of refinement!

Victorian Holiday Traditions

December 8th at 2:00 PM Do you know when the first Christmas card was sent? Or why many people keep a bucket of water handy when they lit their Christmas trees?  Explore the origins of these and many other Victorian holiday traditions.