Classroom Book Bundles Subscription Request

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Educators are eligible for our free book subscriptions. There is no fee and you can unsubscribe at any time. Below are some examples of the bundles that we have to offer. Participants may register for more than one bundle.  This subscription requires a library card.

  • Classroom Bundle – consisting of grade-level books that can supplement the teacher’s in-class library
  • In-Class Reading Bundle – multiple copies of a single title for in class reading
  • Themed Bundle – Monthly themed bundles with or without supplemental materials

If you are interested in subscribing, please fill out the form below and a new kit will be delivered to you each month. Registered participants will receive a follow-up form to select subscription of interest.

 Please note: We are only able to deliver to schools and early childcare centers in the Baldwin-Whitehall area. Facilities that are outside of the area are eligible for the classroom bundles, but must pick-up their materials.

If you need a teacher library card, please visit the following link to set one up:

If there is a specific kit that you would like for a specific month please contact: Cristen Dando